About Us

Based in the greater Los Angeles area in Southern California, Asia Resources Merchandising (USA), Inc.(Armui), a manufacturer, an importer and a wholesaler, is a direct Asia sourcing for hand-woven baskets, containers, home décor products and other household consumer products for American homes, offices, gardens, floral stores, gift wrap industry, food service industry, hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, resorts, churches, schools, and more.

Why do you partner with us in growing your business?


We will be growing your business by offering a wide variety of quality products at a highly competitive price


We have our own factories, design teams, product development teams, and sales and marketing teams both in Asia and US.

We make our products to catering the ever-changing houseware markets in Asia, Europe and Americas. We have the resources to offer you a wide variety of quality products at a highly competitive price to cut the operating costs of your business and to meet the different needs of your customers.

Over ninety percent of our products is made from the sustainable natural plants


Asia Resources Merchandising (USA), Inc. is an eco-friendly company which is devoted to providing natural products to the families and businesses in Americas. Our company has a strong mission to improve the environment of our earth while offering the American households and businesses the beauty and utilities of our natural products. Over ninety percent of our products is made from the sustainable natural plants growing in the rural areas of Asia. Such plants includes bamboo, banana tree, coconut palm tree, fern, jute, maize, mountain grass, moss, rattan, rush grass, seagrass, water hyacinth, wheat straw, willow, vine, and so on.


You will be helping improve the eco-system of our earth by using our natural products

By using these natural products, people will use fewer synthetic products (such as plastic products) which are usually made in the developing countries. Due to many factors, the production of the materials for making these synthetic products, the making of these synthetic products themselves, and the disposal of these synthetic products generally produce pollution to the surrounding environment and also cause damage to the health of the workers and the residents living nearby the factories. In contrast, the hand-weaving industry is a non-pollution and sustainable industry. The more you use our natural products, the more you will help improve the eco-system of our earth.


You will be helping the economically underprivileged children and their families

Another important reason why we exist is that we has a strong mission to help the economically underprivileged children and their families living in the rural areas of China and other Asian countries. By using these natural products, you are helping us create jobs for those rural families, thereby increasing their income so that they can send their children to schools and improving their living standards as well. In the long run, this will benefit all of us as we are living in the same global village.

We hope you would find some products you like and have a good time while visiting our site. We look forward to working with you.


We import all kinds of baskets and other housewares from China

All our buyers speak the local dialects of the Chinese villagers or the local languages of the minority villagers who weave our baskets. Not only we buy our baskets directly from the baskets makers that attend the trade shows in China, we also buy directly from the basket makers that do not attend the trade shows because we have cultural and linguistic connections with them.  These latter basket makers are normally located in the remote rural areas and the labor costs there are relatively lower compared with the region where the trade show attending basket makers are located, thereby giving us a competitive price advantage over other basket importers that purchase from the urban basket makers who normally attend the trade shows.  Thanks to the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of our buyers, we are able to locate those rural basket makers who neither have a website or attend the trade shows because they do not speak either Mandarin, Cantonese or English.  These rural basket makers can make the same quality of baskets as their counterparts in the urban regions, but at a much lower price.

In addition, we use the modern logistic and information technology to cut our inventory and warehouse costs to the minimum level.  In most of the cases, we ship our products directly from the door of the basket makers to the door of the stores that buy from us.

More importantly, due to our solid partnership with over a dozen basket makers in China, from the North to the South, we can provide all kinds of baskets made with different natural plant materials and in different sizes.